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I. Users


The term user shall be understood as any individual who access to and/or visit the Ciudad Mayakoba website (www.ciudadmayakoba.com); the user accepts wholly and unreservedly from that very moment the general terms and conditions contained herein and the particular conditions that, where appropriate, complement, modify or supersede the general terms and conditions with relation to certain services and contents of the website.


II. Use of the website, its services and contents


The user agrees to use the Website and its services and contents without violating the Mexican current legislation, the good faith, the generally accepted uses, and the public order. It is also forbidden to use the Website for illegal or harmful purposes against Ciudad Mayakoba, Grupo OHL, their shareholders, representatives, business partners, operators and/or subsidiaries or related companies; or those that in any manner could damage or impede the normal operation of the website.


As to its contents: information, texts, graphic material, audio and/or picture files, photographs, and designs, it is strictly prohibited:


- Their reproduction, dissemination, or modification by any means, unless the interested party is duly authorized by the holder of the copyright or it is legally and expressly permitted.


- Any violation of the rights of Ciudad Mayakoba or the rights of their rightful owners thereof.


- Its use for any commercial or advertising purpose, other than the ones strictly permitted.


- Any attempt to obtain contents from the Website by any means other than those available to users as well as those regularly used on the World Wide Web, provided that they do not cause any harm to the website.


III. Unilateral modification


Ciudad Mayakoba through Grupo OHL may unilaterally change without prior notice, whenever it deems appropriate, the structure and design of its website and modify or remove the services, contents, and rules of access and/or use of the website.


IV. Hyperlinks


The web pages in www.ciudadmayakoba.com may provide links to other contents owned by third parties.The sole purpose of those links is to provide the USER the opportunity of complementing the information through them.Ciudad Mayakoba, Grupo OHL, their shareholders, representatives, business partners, operators and/or subsidiaries or related companies are not liable, under any circumstance, for the results that may derive to the USER for accessing those links.


V. Privacy Notice


Huaribe, S.A. de C.V., located at Carretera Federal km 298 Chetumal – Puerto Juárez, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México, Mayakoba, Grupo OH, their shareholders, representatives, business partners, operators and/or subsidiaries or related companies (Ciudad Mayakoba)undertake to observe the current legislation regarding data processing and, in particular, the Mexican Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Individuals, pursuant to the next privacy notice:


Any information obtained through the website shall only be used for the intended and stated purposes at the time the information is collected. This information shall not be shared with any other entity in the World Wide Web for purposes other than those provided, or shared with third parties, unless otherwise stated at the time the information is requested. If such information may be shared with any entity, the related authorization shall be requested in advance by the visitor.


Ciudad Mayakoba does its best to avoid the excessive or irrelevant collection of data. We invite our visitors to contact us at info@mayakoba.com and express their concern if they consider that the site has collected too much information.


Except for the register above mentioned, in which visitors expressly choose to receive specific materials about Ciudad Mayakoba, we shall not use any information collected in our websites to carry out unsolicited marketing activities.


If users wish to limit the use or disclosure of their personal data, exercise their rights to access, correct and remove their personal data, as well as to object the processing thereof, or to revoke the consent that may have been granted to us for such purpose, it shall be made through the following services: via telephone by calling 98 48 73 4900, by e-mail to info@mayakoba.com, and users will be informed about the procedures established for the exercise of the rights set forth herein.


Huaribe, S.A. de C.V. has implemented standards of technology and operational security generally accepted to prevent that personally identifiable information is lost, improperly used, altered or destroyed. Ciudad Mayakoba reserves the right to modify or amend this privacy notice from time to time. In order to keep informed to stakeholders, Ciudad Mayakoba will notify users of any changes to our privacy notice, stating clearly the modification in our global home page for a two-week minimum period: http://www.ciudadmayakoba.com.


VI. Warranties and Liability


Ciudad Mayakoba, Grupo OHL, their shareholders, representatives, business partners, operators and/or subsidiaries or related companies make no warranties, nor shall be liable under any circumstance for damages of any kind that may arise from or be related to:


- The lack of availability, maintenance, and effective operation of the Website and/or its services or contents.


- The lack of usefulness, suitability or validity of the website and/or its services or contents to satisfy the needs, activities, or specific results or expectations of users.


- The existence of viruses, malicious or harmful software in the contents.


- The receipt, acquisition, storage, dissemination or transmission of contents by users.


- The illicit, negligent, fraudulent use, contrary to these General Conditions, to the good faith, to the generally accepted uses or to public order, of the website, its services or its contents, by users.


- The lack of lawfulness, quality, reliability, usability and availability of the services rendered by third parties, and made available to users on the website.


- The failure by third parties to perform their obligations or commitments in connection with the services rendered to users through the website.


VII. Children


Ciudadmayacoba.com understands the importance of protecting the privacy of children, especially on the Internet. The ciudadmayakoba.com sites covered by this policy are not deliberately designed for children nor addressed to them. The policy of ciudadmayakoba.com states that it will never be collected or retained intentionally information of individuals less than 18 years.


VIII. Use of Cookies


Some of the customizable services offered by ciudadmayacoka.com include the use of cookies. A cookie is a very small text file that a Web server can store on the hard disk of a computer to collect certain type of information about the user. It can only read by the website that sent the cookie to the user’s computer. Usually, websites use cookies to get statistic information about their web pages and analyze the behavior of users. A cookie is a file that cannot be executed nor can propagate or deliver viruses, and it is limited to 4,000 bytes.


Ciudadmayakoba.com uses cookies exclusively to get statistics by compiling records of users browsing. The information stored by ciudadmayacoba.com in the user’s computer through cookies is only a number that identifies the user, as well as the preferred browsing language, and the date on which the cookie was stored This will let us know about your next visits to our website. It does not contain any personal, economic, or health information about the user.


You can set your browser to accept or reject the cookies you receive, or to alert you every time a cookie is offered.Ciudadmayakoba.com may also record your IP addresses to diagnose problems with our server, to administer our web page, and to analyze user trends.


IX. Intellectual Property Rights


This Website neither hereby grants, nor transfers, transmits and/or licenses any right whatsoever in respect of the use of the brand, the colors, the artwork and the texts owned by Ciudad Mayakoba through Grupo OHL, this also includes all the brands related to its shareholders, representatives, subsidiaries or related companies.


X. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction


These General Conditions shall be governed by the applicable Mexican legislation. Ciudad Mayakoba and the USER expressly waive any other code of laws that might pertain to them and agree to submit to the jurisdiction and authority of the courts and tribunals of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, for any issue that may arise or actions arising from the rendering of the service of the Website and its services and contents, and arising from the interpretation, application, observance, or breach of any provision stated herein.

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